About - The Strategy

RCF Information Systems is a committed believer in strategy. Those without a plan perish in today's competitive atmosphere. But not just any plan. It must be seamless. It must be complete. From front to back, there must be no weak points, nothing left undone.

We believe in helping our customers create a clear strategy for infusing information technology into their organizations. No two strategies can be exactly alike, because no two organizations are exactly alike. We spend time up front, learning about your organization and its mission and working closely with your people. This extra effort pays off with information systems that give you a strategic advantage.

We believe that RCF can be of greatest value to its customers in this area. We have long stressed the competitive advantages of a fully integrated information technology strategy. We also believe in becoming a part of your team to help you achieve your organization's goals.

We learned years ago that one of the most effective tools we can provide our customers is total support. We also learned that people need support at their convenience-not RCF's. So we have created a customer service and support network that places the needs of the user first. Starting with requirements analysis and system design, training and user documentation, right through to our toll-free, 24-hour hotline, we have created a company eager to respond to customer needs.

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